Pohatu Penguins & Marine Reserve, Akaroa, Banks Peninsula

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Akaroa Penguin Tours

Evening penguin tours, Nature tours, Sea-kayaking safaris or a 24 hour package with a night in the middle of the Pengiun colony.

Pohatu/ Flea Bay is a beautiful sheltered bay out on the wild south eastern corner of Banks Peninsula. It is home to the largest Little Penguin Colony on mainland New Zealand with over 2000 penguins breeding there and many rare breeds of sheep. The Helps have won a number of conservation awards for protecting penguins on their land over the last three decades.

Join a small group tour from Akaroa over one of the most scenic back country roads by 4WD van to see and experience a thriving Little penguin colony.

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We've got it all covered on our 24 / 48-hour Pohatu farmstay escape and Accommodation rental.

Isolation, Nature, Adventure, Loads of cuteness, Quirky accommodations, Safe swimming beach, Stargazing and Flexibility to allow you and your partner or family to disconnect and enjoy some real time together.

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Valid for bookings to stay between the 1st of June and the 31st of August 2022

The Evening penguin tour will allow you to observe penguin in the wild and learn how 30+ years of conservation effort have saved the Flea bay colony. Join your guide on their daily monitoring program allowing a close encounter with penguins in nesting site(s) and with binoculars and scope spot penguins socialising on the water with a high likelihood of viewing some coming ashore below our hides just before dark.

The tour runs all year long but from end of February to early April as all penguins are at sea. Over winter, although it is very rare not to have a single penguin in the bay, we do have some lower viewing windows so feel free to call ahead.

Our Sea kayaking safaris give the opportunity of exploring the towering volcanic cliffs, reefs and sea-caves of the first marine reserve on the East-cost of the South Island: Pohatu. After a scenic ride with 4WD van to the bay you will be taken on a wildlife adventure to encounter various sea-birds including penguins in season, curious New Zealand fur seal pups playing in rock pools and possibly the world’s smallest dolphin coming to say hi! There is much to see and explore even for the first-timers.

The Scenic nature tours are trips for those wishing something a little less adventurous and more leisurely but wanting to find out about the Peninsula's biodiversity including anything from birds to insects and the conservation effort to protect the penguins. Stunning views of Akaroa harbour, the outer-coast, farm land and forested hillsides. Be welcomed by friendly pet sheep only asking one thing from you: to be hand fed provided treats.

We offer 2 and 4 hour tours. Choose the 4-hour option and you will also enjoy a visit to the spectacular cliff-tops of Akaroa Head Lighthouse reserve, more time to see native wildlife such as New Zealand fur seals and finally relax at Flea bay with complementary tea, coffee and baked goodies.

Spend a night in the middle of a Penguin Colony. 24 hour and 48 hour packages available

The 24 hour Pohatu Package is a popular option including all of our activities and offering more time to explore this special area. All transportation and accommodation with access to full kitchen facilities and all bedding provided. There are several unique accommodation options to suit most with a Cottage for families, a Gipsy cabin for a romantic couple or a Tree house for the quirkiness. Complementary evening penguin in season, highly discounted sea-kayaking safari and time to explore and relax this tranquil bay or even going for a swim from the safe beach meters away from the doorstep of your accommodation. Scenic nature tours are included and you can join the sea-kayaking safari at a highly discounted price. Please note food is not included in the package. There is an option to spend an extra day at the accommodation to provide time to check out some of the beautiful walks on the property.

RATES: Quoted in NZ$, Subject to Change.

  • Evening Penguin Tours - Adult $85, Child under 15 $55, Child under 2 years free.
  • Sea Kayaking Safari - $85 - $85 per person. Child under 15 years $65.
  • Full Scenic Nature Safari - $105 per person, Child $65
  • 2 Hour Nature Tour - $65 per adult and $35 per child.
  • 24-hour Pohatu Package - $150 per adult, $80 per child. Extra night accommodation $90 per unit.
  • Group concessions available.

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