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Paihia Dive is the Bay of Islands only specialist dive charter and rental shop.

We are experts at taking divers to the Bay of Islands and Rainbow Warrior safely but with a sense of adventure.

Also Paihia's premier fishing tackle shop with a huge range of fishing equipment suitable for beginners to expert game fishermen.


Scuba Diving Bay of Islands | 3 nights luxury accommodation - 4 dives – over 2 days
Diving the Rainbow Warrior & Canterbury wrecks + reef diving
Total Cost - 3 nights luxury accommodation - 4 dives – over 2 days.

  • NZ$1484 for 2 people travelling including weights and tanks
  • NZ$1684 for 2 people travelling including all gear

Paihia Dive Trips

Paihia Dive is the far north's premier dive shop and it's our great pleasure to show you all the wonders of this beautiful part of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We offer trips to the spectacular Rainbow Warrior - jewel of the north - aboard our boat which only takes 10 minutes to reach the dive site. Whether you want to explore and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world for the first time or you want to launch an exciting career in the dive industry, we will help you realise those dreams with our experienced instructors offering quality P.A.D.I courses.

We also have great in store deals on quality dive gear, Kayaks, fishing and surfing gear.

Dive the Rainbow Warrior, one of New Zealand’s premiere wreck dives

The Rainbow Warrior was Greenpeace’s flagship on its way to protest France’s nuclear testing on the Mururoa Atoll when it was sunk by French saboteurs on July 10, 1985, in Auckland Harbour. Three years after the bombing Greenpeace gifted the Warrior to the sea and she now lies as an artificial reef in the Cavalli Island group, a refuge for the marine life she was sunk trying to protect. At a max depth of 27m the Warrior is now home to a huge variety of aquatic life and is a world renowned dive site.

HMNZS Canterbury Ship Wreck

Former HMNZS Canterbury lies in Deepwater cove at the entrance to the Bay of Islands. 114 meters long she lies in one of the most stunning and sheltered locations in the Bay. Accessible almost every day,a trip to Deepwater Cove will take you through the heart of the Bay of Islands. Paihia Dive is an official operator on a Canterbury trip.

RATES (quoted in NZ$), Subject to Change.

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Paihia Dive Pricing

Valid until 1st October 2022

Rainbow Warrior or HMNZS Canterbury Wreck and Reef Trips

Advanced Open Water Divers and Above

  • Including all equipment:  $279
  • Tanks & weights only: $220
  • No equipment required: $180

Open Water Divers (Deep Adventure Dive) both wrecks are deeper than 18m, this is required for open water divers to do either wreck dives unless they can prove deep diving experience.

  • Including all equipment: $329
  • Tanks & weights only: $270
  • No equipment required: $230

Bay of Islands Reef Dive Trips

  • Bay of Islands or Cavalli Islands trip: (2 reef dives) $279
  • Snorkeler/ passenger: $180
  • Discover SCUBA Diving (no experience necessary): $290 ($75 extra dive)
  • Refresher Course (2 reef dives): $329
  • Optional Lunch: $12

Night Diving (min 4 people)

  • Including all equipment: $200
  • No equipment required: $140

Dive Equipment Hire

  • Regulator or BCD: $30
  • Tank: $30
  • Wetsuit: $25
  • Hood: $5
  • Mask & Snorkel: $15
  • Fins & Boots: $15
  • Mask/ Snorkel & Fins/ Boots: $25
  • Bag: $5
  • Weight Belt: $15
  • Full SCUBA Set: $140
  • SCUBA Set (no mask, snorkel, fins, boots): $120
  • Air Fill: $10

Private Bay of Islands Dive Charter

  • Exclusive Charter (inc boat, skipper & 4 full SCUBA sets): From $2000
  • Extra SCUBA Set: $120 Per Day
  • Extra Instructor: $450 Per Day

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