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Neil Goldie Guided Fishing Tours

Neil Goldie is a well respected Fishing Tour Guide within New Zealand, who specialises in Trout and Salmon fishing throughout the South Island, New Zealand.

Trout Fishing

The Canterbury and West Coast regions of the South Island of New Zealand produce excellent fishing for both brown and rainbow trout throughout the summer season (October to April inclusive) The fishing opportunities in these areas are many and varied. Stalking large trout in crystal clear spring creeks, fishing the evening caddis rise in lowland pastoral streams or 'boots and shorts' fishing in the foothills of the mighty southern alps are just some of the options. 

Within a 90 minute drive of Christchurch International airport you could be casting a small damsel fly nymph on a high country mountain tarn for cruising brown trout. Or pitching a large 'cicada' dry fly into a boisterous run on a mountain stream in search of a rainbow trout hidden in the crystal clear depths. In early spring there is excellent evening fishing to be had for large sea run brown trout in the lowland streams and rivers of Canterbury, these bright silver fighting fit fish can reach upwards of 12lb and will test angler and tackle to their limits. 

Catch and release is encouraged to protect New Zealand's unique fishery for future generations.

Conservation mounts of trophy catches are available for those who want more of a memento of a trip than photographs alone can provide.

Salmon Fishing

The Canterbury region is the premiere location for New Zealand Salmon fishermen, with four of the best producing rivers within a 90 minute drive of Christchurch.

The Chinook (king) Salmon found in New Zealand migrate into Canterbury rivers between the months of November through April with the peak run being from December through March.

Fish size fluctuates from season to season, they range in size from 5 to 15 kilos (12-35lbs), with the average being around 6kg (15lb)

The preferred method of catching salmon is spinning with heavy tackle when they are most active in the early morning or late evening. This makes a morning or evening fish a good option around the rest of the day's planned activities.

The salmon rivers in Canterbury are subject to changeable weather conditions and there are times when they are un-fishable. These conditions may require a change in fishing location and / or methods.

A comfortable 4WD is used to access the best fishing water, and a jet boat or helicopter is available at additional cost.

Fishing Packages

Neil plans your fishing trips on a case by case basis, based on the skills and experience of the angler, the prevailing weather at the time and local knowledge of river conditions and insect life.

Neil has extensive experience in planning trips to suit his customers' needs and wants.  Each trip is tailor made to give you the best taste of New Zealand fishing possible no matter what time of the year you visit, and no matter what your skill level.

Neil also sells fishing licences that cover all of New Zealand (excluding the Taupo district).  These are available by day, week or season.

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